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Mazamitla Mágical Town

Mazamitla is nailed in the heart of the Tiger Mountain range, call with success the Mexican Switzerland, excellent site for which likes of the adventure and the calm relaxation.

Located to 122 km of the State Capital, Guadaiajara, by state highway no. 15 frees to Morelia, Tuxcueca-Mazamitla deviation. The town is connected to the states of Colima and Michoacán by federal highway no. 110.

Mazamitla centro

Superbly communicated, its municipal head with an annual average temperature of 20° C. is located to 2.240 meters on the level of the sea and 19° 55' 00" North latitude and 103° 01' 00" west longitude.
In the 2005 they are fulfilled 468 years of the arrival of Tarascos immigrants, fact considered like the foundation of Mazamitla.


The Tarascos was based in the east of the today head in the district known like " The Mirtos". By the way that many geographic points of the region are known with names of the michoacana language like " The Charandas" , " The Huricho" , " The Coporo" , " The Charácuaro" and " The Cucuchira".
This beautifully green one, corner of the Mountain range Western Mother enjoys a semi-dry and semiwarm climate scientifically considered like.

Bosques Mazamitla

Cms3 to the year registers a pluvial precipitation from 1.500 to 2.000 and the rainy station includes/understands inclusively of June to September, whereas the winter sandal of November to February.
Mainly for those who are customary to climates warm temperings or, the atmosphere of Mazamitla protests of good sarapes, shelters or chamarras.
The regular transit and communication channels available all the year are: Mexico-Jiquilpan-Mazamitla-Manzanillo; Guadalajara-LaBarca-Sahuayo-Jiquilpan-Mazamitia; Guadalajara-Tuxcueca-The Manzanilla-Mazamitia; Guadalajara-Acatlán of Guzmán-Tamazula-MazamitIa Juárez-City; Quitupan-Manuel M. Diéguez-Valley de Juárez-Mazamitla.
The transport means that cross these communication channels, agreeing in arrival or exit, inside and outside Mazamitla are: Buses of the West, Buses Shoot with an arrow Yellow, Mazamitla Transports, Buses Three Gold Stars, Buses Valley of Juárez, that make connection with other national lines, in the Boat, Sahuayo and Guzmán City.

Mazamitla 04         Mazamitla 05

The economic life of the municipality is sustained by the tourist affluence that gives to life to the commerce and the local services; in the operation of the forest resources; the agriculture of weather and the cattle ranch of pasturing.
The main natural resources are the following: wood of pine, encino, rivets and madroño; pink and white quarry, used in the construction activity; fruit trees like capulín, peach tree, quince, tejocote, pear, plum of Spain, apple perón and blackberry.
The wood is used in the construction of cabins. furniture and crafts; the fruit trees are profiteers in the homemade industry of conserves and pickles processing the thickness of the production locally, to the consumption represented by the tourism.
Industries that easily can prosper using resources of the region: wood furniture, ashlar masonry and ixtle; candies, small boxes and rompope with milky derivatives; encurtida fruit, ponches of capulín, peach tree, quince and packaged conserves; artisan working of the quarry; toys and didactic material, using shoulder and died wood of pine and encino, as well as madroño green, earthenware vessels, casseroles, pots, flowerpots, roofing tile of mud and red bark for the construction.

Mazamitla 06   Mazamitla 07

The farming activity is sustained in the following economic functions:


Maize, kidney bean, barley, pumpkin, chilacayote, bean (in small scale), the Pope, (san bitter) (forage), chick-pea, at other times prospered the culture of wheat, carrot, cabbage and mills.

Cattle raising:

It predominates the young and operation of milk cattle in his greater volume, the pinto black; on low gained scale Creole and zebu; in scale also reduced the operation of cattle in gets fat, bovine and pig.

The climate and the land are own for the operation of milk and ovine goat cattle for the wool obtaining.
Several small manufacturing milky product companies exist like cheese, cream, butter of first quality that the tourists demand essentially.

Mazamitla 09

Activities that require official impulse to fortify the farming activity are the beekeeping, the horticulture and flower-growing, in superb orographic and climatic conditions.
The services of which it prepares the head are: mail, telephone, telegraph, electricity, potable water, T.V by cable, bank, grocer's, tens of miscellaneous, stores of clothes, mueblerías, cremerías, pharmacies, tianguis of Mexican antojitos in the municipal market, ironworks powerboats and gasera.
In services to the tourism it is counted on pleasant cabins in the middle of the forest, comfortable hotels and inns, as well as a great variety of restaurants for all the tastes, and discotheques.

Mazamitla 08

The regional and traditional typical meals of recognized commercial merit are: the traditional boat that are a rich broth done of three meats and pulque menguiche, exquisite cream accompanied by tortillas just made and the delicious filthy kidney beans cooked with pulque, jocoque, requesón, capirotada and soft of pot, accompanying all these subjects of gossip with ponches by fruit, water cornflour drink honey, without forgetting the exquisite dessert conserve fruits or a candy tiny amount peach tree.

Dulces      Concervas

Bullfighting celebrations:
From the 14 to the 24 of February, they consist of jaripeos, jineteo, serenades, dances and variety by the nights.
Foundation of Mazamitia:
I complete weekend of March, cultural and sport activities.
Celebrations of San Cristóbal:
I complete weekend of Julio, dances, altars and games pyrotechnicses.
Celebrations mother countries:
From the 13 to the 17 of September, civic, cultural and sport events. Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution: 20 of November, civic, cultural and sport events.
Guadalupanas celebrations:
From the 3 to the 12 of December, religious celebrations, peregrinations, romerías, music and games pyrotechnicses.
Mazamitla 03
Propitious places for strolls and routes in family: to enjoy the architecture the Parish of San Cristóbal of eclectic style, his old large houses of adobe with roofing tile ceilings and paved with stones wood, its streets, in spice! to walk by its old woman vestibules being confused enters the dense mist, to enjoy an pleasant afternoon in the Main Place; taking advantage of cough strolls that are offered to horse it can visit the Hill of the Tiger, the Tabardillo, the Peñitas, the cascade of Salto in the Dippers, the Enchanted Garden, besides other beautiful places that surround the municipality.


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